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Crown Heights Restaurant Caught Rounding Up Receipts

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Worse things have happened, sure, but it's still got to suck to find out that a restaurant tacked on an extra 47 cents to the bill. That's what happened for one diner at Franklin Park, the bar and beer garden attached to Dutch Boy Burger in Crown Heights. The Post reports, via a Yelp review, that a woman ordered a six dollar order of fries at the bar, with the bill including 53 cents for tax and 47 cents for "Rounding_non_inventory."

Dutch Boy owner Matt Roff tells the Post that this was a computing error and that they usually round to the nearest nickel: "We figured a loss for us or the customer of one to four pennies was understandable, but we were then made aware that the system had been rounding to the dollar." Rounding up even a few cents probably still violates consumer-protection laws, but either way, this is still a far cry from the Post's claim that "New York restaurants have quietly begun to round bills up to the next dollar."
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Franklin Park

618 St John's Pl, Brooklyn, NY