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The M. Wells Horse Tartare Scandal Is Officially Over

Chef Hugue Dufour has scrapped his plans to serve raw horse meat at his brand new restaurant M. Wells Dinette. This news comes a few days after animal rights activists started online campaigns against the restaurant. The Times reports that over the last week, chef Dufour and his wife/partner Sarah Obraitis received angry emails and "postings that threatened their personal safety."

Make no mistake: Hugue still loves that horse meat. He's just not going to serve it if it's going to piss everyone off. From a statement released by the restaurant:

We thought about serving it because we like to offer customers new things. We get tired of beef-chicken-pork all the time and we assume diners do, too. Whatever else horses are — draft animals, companions, transport — their meat is also delicious and affordable.
Apparently, Dufour received conflicting information about serving horse meat from two different government agencies. The statement from M. Wells Dinette also notes that "scandalizing animal lovers is not what we want to be famous for."
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