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The Early Word on M. Wells Dinette at MOMA PS 1

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Since before it opened, much of the talk surrounding M. Wells Dinette at MOMA PS 1 has been about one dish that caused a minor uproar even though it's not on the menu. But there's other food, too, stuff that's actually on the menu created by Hugue Dufour of the short-lived but popular Queens restaurant M. Wells. Here's what early diners are saying about M. Wells Dinette.

The Good News: An Eater Commenter went last Friday and had a good experience: "I went on Friday afternoon, it was packed with exhibitors and visitiors to the NY Art Book Fair, and the service was fast, friendly and professional. And the food was excellent (SO much better than Samuellson's Alice Tully Hall disaster, but that's another story)." [Eater Comments]

The Bad News: It's not an official review, but here's Post critic Steve Cuozzo's take: "The chalkboard 'menu' listed all of seven items (cash only). They were out of soft drinks. My order for escargots with 'Pastis compound butter' rocked the house on its heels: the $9 bowl took 30 (30!) minutes to arrive. That happened after the waiter dropped by after 25 (25!) minutes to ask, 'Now what did you want again?' I was hungry enough to take a chomp out of the tattoos — nude women, flaming beasts — on his arms." [NYP]

The Fabulous and Tasty News: The Yelp reviews are universally glowing, like this one : "I tried the beef tartar sandwich and hibiscus ice tea for lunch. Everything was fabulous and tasty. The beef tartar was just done right, with a below-market-price tag of $10. The beef was tender and fresh, with just enough dibs of homemade tartar sauce and all together sitting comfortably on fresh sesame brioche bun. The hibiscus ice tea was brewed to perfection." [Yelp]

The Succulent News: Over on Gallerist, the early word on the way-left-of-center museum food: "I'm no food critic, so I'm going to have to slip into cliche here and describe the chowder as 'succulent.' I've never used that word before in a piece of writing. I like it. It's a good word to describe chowder, generally. This particular batch had a fire kick from a healthy portion of black pepper that was just the right amount and didn't overpower any other flavors." [Gallerist]

The Great News: Back to Yelp:"So happy to have them back - great to see everyone and the food was awesome. 1) Foie gras on oats - sweet and savory deliciousness - 2) beef tartare sandwich ....I was so full (and sleepy) from the foie gras dish that I just ate the tartare without the bread...3) potatoes and escargot also very good....looking forward to coming here as often as possible"

The Anything but Elementary News: A blogger at Opening Ceremony files a report: "Sitting inside MoMA PS1, M. Wells has come back from the dead in the body of a school cafeteria but with the same soul. ... The food is anything but elementary: I indulged in some cured blue fish with gooseberries and huckleberries, salted cod with mashed potato, trout roe with aspic, and veal brain cooked in brown butter." [Opening Ceremony]
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M. Wells Diner

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M. Wells Dinette

22-25 Jackson Ave., Queens, NY