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Sirio Looking to Replace Current Le Cirque Chef

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Are you a talented young chef looking for a challenging job at one of New York's most legendary restaurants? Do you like cooking pasta primavera, and shaking hands with old rich people? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you might want to give Sirio Maccioni a ring — he's looking for a new executive chef at Le Cirque.

In the wake of the brutal one-star review from Pete Wells, Sirio is actively seeking to replace chef Olivier Reginensi, who started working at Le Cirque back in January. Maccioni tells Flo Fab: "He's a much bigger chef than one star, but that's how it is in New York...It's a very painful thing for me to do." Reginensi has not been fired, and he is still working in the kitchen. But his days are numbered.
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