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M. Wells Not Serving Horse Tartare Any Time Soon

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A quick update on Horse Tartare Gate 2012: Steve Cuozzo stopped by chef Hugue Dufour's M. Wells Dinette earlier this week and, like other diners before him, found that the highly controversial horse tartare dish was not on the menu. Cuozzo asked when the dish would land on the menu, and a server replied, "Probably not any time soon." Apparently, PETA protestors had visited the restaurant prior to his visit. Cuozzo also had a maddening experience there, noting that there was one server catering to a dining room full of people, and that his plate of escargots arrived 30 effing minutes after he ordered it. Cuozzo writes that when the waiter came by to check on him, he was "hungry enough to take a chomp out of the tattoos — nude women, flaming beasts — on his arms."
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M. Wells Diner

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M. Wells Dinette

22-25 Jackson Avenue, Queens, NY

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