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Patsy Grimaldi Claims That Ciolli Ruined Grimaldi Name

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Another shot has been fired in the growing Dumbo pizza war. News broke yesterday that Frank Ciolli, owner of the popular Dumbo pizzeria Grimaldi's, had filed for an injunction against that joint's previous owner, Patsy Grimaldi, who is hoping to open a new pizzeria in the original Grimaldi's location. Ciolli bought the Grimaldi's name from Patsy Grimaldi in 1998, moving it down the street last year after being evicted from that location.

Now, Grimaldi has responded to the suit, accusing Ciolli of damaging his good name. According to the Post, the 81-year-old pizza man argues that he wouldn't want to have his pizzeria's name back even if he could have it, because of the damage done to it by Ciolli's tax, rent, and eviction problems. He's perfectly content to open his new spot Juliana's, named after his mother. Ciolli, meanwhile, insists that he's not afraid of competition, despite the essentially anti-competitive nature of this increasingly petty dispute.
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