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Jeffrey's Introduces 'Culinary Creative Collaboration'

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Jeffrey's Grocery, the two-year-old restaurant and oyster bar from Gabriel Stulman and the Little Wisco empire is saying goodbye to its chef Eric Milley and introducing a new "culinary creative collaboration" in the kitchen. Stulman tells Grub Street, "We're not like other chef-driven restaurant groups...We're more like a family." Under the new setup, the kitchen at Jeffrey's will be run as a team by the other chefs in the Little Wisco group.

Contributing to the new menu are Eric Tran, James McDuffee (Joseph Leonard), Michael Toscano (Perla), Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly (Fedora), and Tien Ho who is slated to run the kitchen at Stulman's upcoming French-American bistro. The chefs will also rotate their time in the kitchen, giving diners a unique experience from night to night.
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