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Former Kips Bay Totonno's to Become Newest Grimaldi's

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Totonno's, Grimaldi's

Frank Ciolli, the owner of Grimaldi's pizzeria in Dumbo, is taking a break from his ongoing dispute with his pizza shop's founder Patsy Grimaldi to open a new location in Kips Bay. Crain's reports that Grimaldi's is taking over the former Kips Bay location of Totonno's, which shuttered last year. A tipster tells Eater that Grimaldi's has thrown its signage up on the building, going so far as to retain Totonno's Zagat quotes.

The original Grimaldi's underneath the Brooklyn Bridge relocated around the corner last December after getting evicted for unpaid rent. Ciolli is now embroiled in a seemingly-neverending dispute with Grimaldi's founder Patsy Grimaldi, as the latter seeks to open a new pizzeria called Juliana's in the original Grimaldi's space. None of that is keeping Ciolli from expanding, of course, so expect this location to open soon after some minor construction.
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Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano

1524 Neptune Avenue, New York, NY 11224 718 372 8606

Grimaldi's Kips Bay

462 Second Ave., New York, NY