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Animal Rights Activists Start Campaign Against M. Wells


Before opening M. Wells Dinette inside MOMA PS 1, chef Hugue Dufour told the Robs that he would serve fresh ground horse tartare as one of the dishes. By all accounts, he hasn't actually started offering this dish yet (the restaurant is just five days old). But now, two animal rights activists have started separate campaigns on against the restaurant, both of which seek to prevent the sale of horse meat there. So far, over 1,400 people have signed the petitions.

From one of the campaigns:

Chef Hugue Dufur has already failed as a chef when his so talked about restaurant in Queens closed down after being open just for 14 months...Now, he has the idea of feeding the American people horse meat that is usually sold in the USA for zoo wild animals. A museum should not profit out of the pain and torture horses endure. This project is an insult to the New York people of being ignorant to eat horse meat and it should be consider as disrespectful to the state.
Both of these campaigns suggest that it's unsafe to eat horse meat because of the drugs that are administered to horses, and of course, it's sad when those animals are killed. But horse meat is considered a delicacy in some countries, and it's perfectly legal to serve it in New York State — Dufour himself sold horse bologna at the Great GoogaMooga fest earlier this year, and the foodies loved it.

Here's what's probably going to happen: Dufour will serve the horse tartare, animal rights activists will continue to protest, and every critic in this city will file a review of the dish. Then the controversy will die down after a few weeks, and everyone can go back to wondering when the M. Wells team will open that crazy boat factory/steakhouse.
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