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FW: Disappointing Meal at Sushi of Gari Tribeca

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1232012_10_SushiofGari.jpegFrom: [an eater]
Date: Friday, October 12, 2012
To: Eater Complaints Department
Subject: Disappointing Meal at Sushi of Gari Tribeca
Really disappointing, and this is from a Gari lover. First, waited over 15 for our seats, which is no biggie. We were concerned with the space which looked like an overlit carpeted romper room. After ordering, asked for ordered sake twice, ice water three times, and then hot towels, which arrived after the first sushi order. Why our table neighbors got everything in the correct sequence was puzzling... Did we smell or something? Ordered omakase, and a small miso soup to warm up, which arrived after first sushi course. Only three sushi courses, despite sashimi/sushi mix request. Outrageous bill, considering we had been stuffed to the gills from Hells Kitchen branch for a lesser price. Had to send the bill back three times due to errors, including incorrect wine which was 2x what was ordered. Whole experience, from ambiance to service to lame managerial excuses, total boner killer on date night. Sushi from omakase was incredible flavor and freshness, sadly a joke as a value. Won't go back to any branch again.
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Sushi of Gari Tribeca

130 W Broadway, New York, NY