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A Lesson From Danny Meyer About Riding Sharks

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Welcome to Danny Knows Best, a regular feature in which Eater highlights pieces of restaurant philosophy from Danny Meyer's hospitality bible, Setting the Table:
Today's lesson comes from Chapter 8, "Broadcasting the Message, Tuning in the Feedback":

Imagine that I'm standing on the shores of Manhattan and I am required to cross the Atlantic to France. The catch is that to get there, I have only two options: I can either swim or ride there on the back of a shark. Swimming is obviously out of the question. I'll tire, freeze, and soon drown. My only choice then, is to hop on the back of the shark and ride with exceptional care and skill, or I'm lunch.

The shark, you see, is the press, and it needs to keep swimming or it dies. I can benefit from acting very carefully with that knowledge. If my riding technique is expert, the shark can be my vehicle to deliver me safely to my destination. In my experience with sharks, I've been tossed off, nipped at, and even bitten — but not, so far, devoured. And I've always managed to reach my destination. Sometimes I've even enjoyed the ride.

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