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Matthew Lightner Could Open Atera Bar in 'a Few Weeks'

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Krieger, 03/29/11

In addition to settling into New York and winning Michelin stars, chef Matthew Lightner has been working on a new bar below Atera. According to an interview with Lightner in Paper Mag, the new bar is due to open on October 31. Lightner tells the magazine that he'll start doing food in the bar "eventually," but that they're focusing on drinks first.

Some cocktails from upstairs will also be offered downstairs, but the bar will mostly have its own drinks menu with "some overlap" with the kitchen in terms of ingredients. For fall there will be "a couple of fun, hot cocktails" like traditional flips, which are beer cocktails made by frothing the drink with a red hot poker.

Update: A rep from Atera writes in to note that October 31 is not the opening date: "Atera doesn't yet have a date set for the opening, but are hoping sometime a few weeks from now."
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