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Per Se Waiter Spills on Guest Behavior, Pay, Hierarchy

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This week's New York is all about what goes on behind the scenes of workplaces in New York, including public schools, investment banks, tabloid newspapers, and one of New York's most expensive restaurants, Per Se. In a somewhat juicy little piece a Per Se waiter shares the following tidbits:

· Per Se has a list of people not allowed back, perhaps including a couple who had sex in the bathroom and a woman who threw up at the table and then continued to finish her tasting menu.

· Due to the fixed service fee, waitstaff make a high hourly wage, and any additional gratuity is split between the head server and the tip pool. "The more senior captains can make anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 a night."

· On health inspections: "Before the DOH inspections, every high-end restaurant has four or five in-house inspections, and then everyone has their own set of fire drills—you put on hats and gloves when the inspector comes, you hide things away."

· There are both positional hierarchies and ethnic hierarchies, and "I think half the staff is dating the other half of the staff right now."

He also notes, not so shockingly, that chefs don't spit in the food at Per Se and his favorite customers are the ones who really care about food.
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