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Veselka Desperate to Divert Traffic to New Location

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There's a reason why banana pancake and stuffed cabbage lovers will line up for the classic 2nd Avenue Veselka and avoid the newer location in the Avalon Christie building, and it's not because of the 10 block walk. (It's because the new one is lifeless compared to the original). Regardless, the folks at Veselka are trying what they can to divert traffic that way and, according to the eagle-eyed EV Grieve, have launched free pedicab service to transport people over to their new spot during weekend brunch hours. And, well, it's pretty cute.
· Veselka Launches Pedicab Service [EVG]
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144 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 228-9682 Visit Website


144 2nd Ave., New York, NY