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Team Prune Eyes Belcourt Space for Calliope

Kalina, 10/15/07

Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef, author, and longtime owner of East Village standby Prune is known for her devotion to the one restaurant model and for saying things like the following: "It’s taken 10 years to figure out that I do not want a second restaurant. And I’m so glad that ones I thought about and looked at didn’t go’s actually easier to open a restaurant than it is to maintain one."

But now at least some on her team are looking to expand.

According to documents filed with Community Board 3 at least one principal of the 12 year-old East 1st Street Prune is applying for a liquor license for the space that currently houses American restaurant Belcourt. Notably, the application—for a New American restaurant called Calliope—mentions Prune but not Hamilton, listing Eric Anderson (who helped launch Prune) and former Prune chef Ginevra Iverson as owners. Belcourt has yet to announce shutter plans but its chef Matt Hamilton did leave for greener pastures last month.

The Calliope owners hope to have 23 tables with 56 seats and an outdoor cafe that will close at 10 PM nightly. The restaurant itself will close at midnight or 11 PM. They shouldn't have much trouble with the community, since this space is already licensed, but expect more details when the team presents at Community Board 3's meeting next week.
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