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Midtown's BCD Tofu House and Tse Yang Both Shutter

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Just as 2011 went out with shutters so 2012 enters with them. Two Midtown standbys, though for two presumably different clienteles, closed on New Year's Eve in Midtown. Gael Greene tweets that Tse Yang a decades old high-end Frenchy Chinese restaurant on 51st Street and "home of $800 a shot cognac" closed "after 30 years of unctuous service." A worker at the restaurant said they were forced to close because their building is being demolished, but they are seeking a new space.

Meanwhile, Midtown Lunch has it that packed Koreatown favorite BCD Tofu House also bit the dust right before 2012. They presume it was because they were pushed out by new, popular (and sneaky) K-town upstarts. They too are seeking a new space.

· @GaelGreene [Twitter]
· KTown BCD Tofu House Closes Over the Holidays! [ML]
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BCD Tofu House

17 W 32nd St., New York, NY

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