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Marc Forgione, Prince of Porc at NYC's Cochon 555


Cochon 555 gave a whole new meaning to “Sunday dinner” this week, kicking off its 10-city US Tour in NYC with whole heritage pigs, farmers, wineries and a little whiskey and Iberico chocolate for good measure. Marc Forgione stole the show with his mini-hot dogs, boudin noir and pork loin, bringing home the title of Prince of Porc.

Today, we're giving you a chance to participate in this glorious snout-to-tail project with our Cochon contest, "Beat the Winemaker." To play, all you have to do is snap a picture at any of the Cochon 555 events across the country and upload it on our contest page. The grand prize is an all-expenses Official Judge's seat at Cochon Heritage BBQ in Memphis this Labor Day (3 days of bourbon, BBQ and music) and a reserve case of hand-selected wines.

Get the full rundown on the contest here. Go on, make us proud. >>