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Jay-Z's 40/40 Club Shuttered After Disastrous DOH Visit

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On Wednesday night, Jay-Z's Flatiron sports bar the 40/40 Club held a grand reopening party to show off its slick new interior. And on Thursday night, the DOH inspector showed up and shut the place down. Here are some of the things he found:

· 50 pounds of raw chicken, five pounds of shrimp, and 100 turkey burgers kept at 60 degrees (uncooked food must be kept at 41 degrees).
· Five pounds of cooked mashed potatoes kept at 89 degrees (hot foods must be kept at 140 degrees).
· 50 turkey burgers and 10 pounds of cooked rice kept at 67 degrees.
· An employee mixing salsa with his bare hands.
After the inspection, the DOH worker shuttered the restaurant, but allowed customers that were already inside to stay there. 40/40 Club racked up a total of 69 violation points, the equivalent of a C Grade.

But the place didn't stay closed for long: the management quickly fixed the problem, and they were allowed to open for business as usual on Friday night. Next month, the owners will attend a hearing about this disastrous inspection. The venue is currently listed as "closed" on the DOH website.
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40/40 Club

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