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Eater's Mark the Moment with Jonathan Benno

On Wednesday evening, Eater readers and The Glenlivet Guardian members gathered at the private club, Norwood, for an intimate tasting event featuring selections from The Glenlivet portfolio. Everybody came to play. The Glenlivet brand ambassador Ricky Crawford entertained guests with notes on the 12-, 15- and 18-year-old Scotches on hand. Renowned chef Jonathan Benno of Lincoln served a selection of crostinis with chicken liver, big-eye tuna and caponata, and testa with capers and pickled mushrooms. And Norwood’s executive chef David Rotter passed signature dishes including braised short rib and spaghetti with eggplant “meatballs.”.

If the photos above are making your mouth water, stay tuned. We’ll be announcing the details of our February 8th event soon. In the meantime, check out Eater's Mark the Moment video series, featuring Chef Benno and a host of other outstanding chefs.