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Crazy Staten Island Fusion Import Lands in Williamsburg

Williamsburg may have a couple of bowling alleys, some new pricey hotels, avant garde cooking, hot new Basque restaurants, and projects from alums of The Spotted Pig, Momofuku, Roberta's, the Freemans. But what it doesn't have is a psychedelic Asian fusion restaurant from Staten Island with light curtains that change colors, a neon green entrance tunnel, an ornate bathroom, pod booths, space chandeliers, and blue crab fajitas with cream cheese.

Or, correction, it didn't until Fushimi exploded onto Driggs and North 10th Street last week. Click over to Gothamist for an extensive photo tour of the new restaurant, a peek at their veritably awesome promotional video, and a look at their menu. It'll be just the place to go when there are too many black cars idling outside of Sea Thai.
· Inside The Psychedelic Fushimi, Williamsburg's Wild New Fusion Restaurant [Gothamist]
· Fushimi [Official Site]
[Photo via Gothamist]


475 Driggs St., New York, NY