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Randomness, Amuse Bouches Added to Sandwich Delivery

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Yesterday, Tribeca Citizen brought word of My Belly's Playlist a new delivery-only sandwich concept operating out of the storefront of healthly soup/salad spot Yorganic. They offer 10 sandwiches a day for $10 each. And this: "and you also get an amuse bouche, currently a reduced-balsamic-vinegar-gelatin cube." Exactly what the sandwich world wasn't missing.

Meanwhile, we have Randwiches. Randwiches launched in October and just won a microgrant from Awesome Food. The concept here: you call this woman up, and she brings you a random $12 - 15 sandwich made from artisanal, sometimes strange ingredients. They've sold 360 in three months. Says one patron, "There’s something exciting about ordering ahead of time and waiting for a day or two days, not knowing what you’re going to receive, and then getting a bag with the ingredients written on it." Exciting indeed.

· Seen and Heard: My Belly's Playlist [Tribeca Citizen]
· NYC Based Randwiches Receives January Awesome Food Grant [Awesome Food]

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