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Naked Top Cheffer Plans NYC Fashion Week Pop-Up

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Ty-Lör Boring, a recently booted cheftestapant from the current season of TV's Top Chef who posed naked for an artsy gay rag (at right, with apologies), is coming to New York. And, he opening a pop-up. During Fashion Week. Called TBD. From The Insider:

But the other reason why I went onto Top Chef is that I wanted to raise money to open my own restaurant in New York and I have found investors to do that. I am going to be opening a place, a pop-up restaurant in New York City and it will be up for Fashion Week. It’s going to be called TBD, To Be Determined. So there is the pop-up and then we’re in the process of opening an actual brick-and-mortar restaurant.
This is not to be confused with Ryan Skeen's pop-up project called TBD, which never actually happened.
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