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Five Napkin Burger, Gastronomie, Amelie Coming Soon

5 Napkin Burger in the East Village
5 Napkin Burger in the East Village

1) East Village: According to photos sent in by a tipster, above, the East 14th Street Five Napkin Burger is moving along nicely. Signage is up and it looks like it could debut any day now. [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper West Side: From the tipline: "It looks like Gastronomie 491 is close to opening on Columbus between 84/85. The place looks great inside. Hopefully the food will match." See the photo above. [PLYWOOD]

3) Long Island City: The Village Voice has word that a new Petey's Burger is set to open in Long Island City. Compared to the West Coast's In-N-Out burgers, Petey's was also awarded the Top 11 Burgers of 2011. [PLYWOOD]

4) Tribeca: Tribeca Citizen notices that a new location of sandwich chain Potbelly Sandwich Shop is opening at 280 Broadway between Reade and Chambers Streets. [PLYWOOD]

5) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie reports that the owners of Antibes Bistro are opening a new spot at 120 Rivington St., former home to Fesitval Mexicano. [PLYWOOD]]

6) Greenwich Village: Fork in the Road notes that The Growler Station will open soon on West 8th Street just down the block from an NYC location of San Francisco wine bar Amelie. [PLYWOOD]

7) East Williamsburg: Rumor has it the people behind Williamsburg bar and restaurant Beco are taking over the former Sweet Ups space on Graham Avenue that has been shuttered since Thanksgiving. [PRE-PLYWOOD]