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The Early Word on Park Slope's Newest, Talde

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Top Chef and Buddakan alum Dale Talde partnered up with Thistle Hill Tavern owners, David Massoni and John Bush, to open Talde, an Asian-American restaurant. The restaurant has been a highly anticipated addition to the neighborhood and reviews have been pouring in since its opening over the weekend. They are currently open daily from 5 PM - midnight and intend to offer brunch and lunch service in the future. The reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive, let's hear what people are saying.

The Mind Blowingly Amazing News: The blog, Fucked in Park Slope, loved their admittedly free meal at the friends and family opening for Talde. "It's 9 AM the following morning AFTER the amazing Friends-n-Family opening we were invited to last night at TALDE, and I'm still full. But I'm not full in a "I feel like I'm gonna barf, let me erase the experience of this meal" sort of way...more in a "the last food I consumed was so mind blowingly delicious, how the fuck am I supposed to follow that up with an egg?" sort of way. It's like my stomach is *not* quite ready to move on. In a word, Talde was resplendent. You should seriously go there immediately, and see for yourself." [Fucked in Park Slope]

The Good News: A Here's Park Slope tipster notes the following: "Was there last night. There doing only limited seating for the next few weeks but we were able to have several rounds of drinks and bar snacks. The sausage Hawaiian buns and pretzel pork and chive dumplings are the TITS. The other two buns were also very good." [HPS]

The Great News: A regular Eater tipster wrote in about his meal at Talde: "You guys *must* do a piece on TALDE in Park Slope. This place is SO SO SO delicious! Immediate update for eater hot 38, in my opinion. And have the Korean Fried Kitchen, the Hawaiian bread buns and the pretzel pork chive dumplings! I have a feeling this will become a destination restaurant. It's that good." [Eater Comments]

More Great News: People have been taking to the restaurant's facebook page to write about their meal. "just came back from dinner and WOW everything was phenomenal!! Especially that fried chicken and pork dumplings! Can't wait to go back!!" [Facebook]

The It's Not There Yet, Bad News: In a sea of glowing reviews, this one Yelp commenter stands out as the dissenting voice. "He's cooking the food that everyone expects him to cook, and in that regard excelling. What I mean by that is simply his combinations aren't surprising, but they are exciting. Crispy Oyster and Bacon Pad Thai is not rocket science, but it should be pretty fucking good, shouldn't it? (Bacon, by the way, graces approximately 1/3 of the items on the menu). Sadly it's nothing to write home about. It's a great idea, but the Pad Thai is only about as good as the eight dollar lunch special on Flatbush avenue. The oysters are crisp, crunchy, and perfectly delightful - but four great bites in a family style dish hardly gets the gold. The pretzel dumplings taste at best microwaveable, like trader joes potstickers served with a slightly-too-bitter tahini based spicy mustard that pales in comparison with the real deal condiment, available now at your neighborhood take out spot. The fluke was, perhaps most disappointingly of all, overcooked into a pasty mush, drizzled with something vague and acidic possessing the consistency of lobster sauce, and topped with parsley and the generally bland if healthful lean protein that is edamame. That's not to say the food was bad, because it certainly wasn't - but it also wasn't good enough. There's no depth of flavor, no love affair with ingredients (besides bacon), no passion." [Yelp]

The Good News Keeps Coming: The one tip on Foursquare: "Great food. Beers are not expensive and if you want to live the High Life, they've got it on tap." And on the Twitter: "Highly rec Talde, a new restaurant in our neighborhood. Fancy-style Korean fried chicken & other Asian-inspired dishes." [Foursquare; Twitter]

—Sarah Rose


369 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (347) 916-0031 Visit Website


369 Seventh Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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