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Adventures in Shilling, Special King Edition

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There are a lot of reasons to check out brand spankin' new restaurant King. It looks pretty cool, Francis Derby is an excellent chef who has worked at some very demanding kitchens, there are champagne buttons (or technically, switches), it's located in a calm section of (depending who you're talking to) West Soho or the South Village, and with the exception perhaps of Tripe Stroganoff, the menu looks pretty damn good. Unfortunately, there are a couple of reasons why one may want to steer clear of King, and they come in the form of super shilly Eater comments. Here, now, in a special King edition of Adventures in Shilling, we take a look at said comments and see if they're legit:

It starts out harmless enough with this anonymous commenter, writing "We gave it a try and thought the food was delicious. Folks from the neighborhood." Then three minutes later comes this: "We tried King twice this week--once for drinks and once for dinner. Food was delicious and atmosphere very comfortable--unusual rather than strange, like an unexpected hideaway. We live in the neighborhood and are happy to have this addition!"

Not so criminal. But then there's this in response to a commenter accusing them of shilling: "Tried to go there on Friday night but the place was packed with happy diners so we had to gave it a try on Saturday night, which was equally busy. The food was amazing. Flavors were spot on and the dishes were innovative. Must try: Turnips & Honey Butter, Tripe Stroganoff, Sweet Breads, Duck, and Octopus. I'm glad you won't be taking up a table at King so my wife and I can enjoy more of Francis Derby's food. Thank you."

And this: "Had a fantastic meal this weekend and wonderful experience...the mussels are to die for as the steak with that hasselback potato...not sure how the Chef does it but it was amazing..and hard to please friends loved the dorade, deviled egg starter, burgers and skate! great food, warm ambience and delicious cocktails...we didn't want to leave ...cant wait to go back..cheers!"

And this: "I have never had squash soup before but after having it at King, I can't get enough. It was so flavorful and delicious. I loved it. I also indulged in the Hangar Steak. It was cooked to perfection and extremely tasty. Thanks to the Chef. I also had to get a side of KING fries which are fantastic with the Bearnaise sauce they were served with. I ordered the Caramel Creme Brulee as a finale and it was the best I've had in New York. Hands down. Bravo!"

And finally this: "I recently dined at KING restaurant and it was a fantastic experience. It is the type of cuisine that you would love to eat every day but want to save for times when you would like to indulge. It is truly an homage to recipes past and makes anyone feel like European royalty of yore. Everything was so flavorful and sumptuous and delectable. The oysters were fresh and tasty. The duck was cooked perfectly and had great texture. And the deviled eggs with toast was something that was so simple but yet so fabulous. Hats off to the chef and the staff!"

King is most likely great—and in fact, here are two more positive but reasoned reviews—but we're going to place this in the 90% shill territory. Feel free to add other feedback on King in the comments.
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5 King St., New York, NY

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