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Mesa Coyoacan Team Takes Lorimer Airstream Trailer

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A new operator is finally taking over the winterized Williamsburg airstream trailer and garden on the corner of Metropolitan and Lorimer Street that was abandoned last year by the good people of 3rd Ward. The Bushwick art space operated the trailer as Goods Food, a low-key outfit serving egg sandwiches and fried chicken, for about a year before putting the trailer on the market. Now the owners of Williamsburg Mexican spot Mesa Coyoacan plan on opening the spot at Zona Rosa, serving tacos, margaritas, and other Mexican specialties. They hope to open the venture in April and keep it open from 8 AM until 4 or 5 AM. Unlike in its previous iteration, this time around the cafe will have running water and bathrooms.

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Zona Rosa

573 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY