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NYC's First Ever Steak 'n' Shake is Now Open to the Public

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As promised, New York's first ever Steak 'n' Shake, the beloved Midwestern burger chain that inspired Shake Shack and counts Roger Ebert and David Letterman among its fans, opened this morning at 10 AM right next to Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway and 53rd St. And this is what it looked like inside! Because the people at Steak 'n' Shake promised free meals for a year to the first 150 customers, fans and freeloaders started lining up outside the storefront starting early yesterday evening and braved this morning's torrential and cold rains with makeshift tents and tarps. All for $350 worth of burgers.

Those who missed out on the coupons can expect to pay about $4 for a meal of an original burger and fries and $3 more for one of their old fashioned shakes. The prices here are the same as in the Midwest, and there's a price freeze across the chain. Beyond the original, they have a new organic burger, guacamole burgers, frisco melts, cheese fries, and more. Those who check it out can send early reports this way.
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Steak 'n' Shake

1695 Broadway, New York, NY

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