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Portlandia Skit or NY Post Article on Foraging?

· "Evan Strusinski shouts, 'Dude, pay dirt!' He scampers toward a dying oak, kneels over a pale orange clump of mushrooms growing from the bark — and frowns. 'It’s chicken of the woods, and it’s past its edible stage,' he says, flicking the fungus with a finger."

· "'Wintergreen,' he announces, tucking it into his bag. 'Good for broth . . . or ice cream.'"

· "When I’m running into spider webs with my face constantly, that’s when I know black trumpets are around."

· "He delicately twirls the fungus around, like he’s inspecting the Hope diamond. 'Wow,' Strusinski marvels. 'That’s a perfect effing specimen.'"

· "Lightner...will concoct high-concept dishes in a state-of-the art lab/kitchen housed downstairs. A variety of herbs growing from a 'living' wall in the restaurant will also provide ingredients."

· "When the restaurant opens its doors, expect dishes containing wild licorice root, dried lichen, wintergreen, sassafras, monkfish roe and spruce."

So this foraging trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
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[Photo: NYP]


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