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Soho's King Offers Champagne Buttons, Tripe Stroganoff


King, a new Soho restaurant from wd~50, Tailor, and Momofuku alum Francis Derby, opened to the public earlier this week, serving a mix of classics like steak tartar, beef burgers, skate, and butternut squash soup with some twists—tripe Stroganoff for one—thrown in. They're going for an Old World/antique vibe, hence the furniture in the above gallery and the old portraits in the dining room. And they're offering something a little new: a Champagne button. Diners who press the Champagne button by their table will be greeted with a tray of coupes, an ice bucket of champagne, seasonal fruit and a bottle of St. Germain. Besides that, the brunch, lunch, apertivo, and dinner setups look pretty straightforward.

See the full menu below, and as always, send early reviews this way.

The Menus:

5 King Street, Soho


5 King St., New York, NY