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Cha Cha's Gutted; Fatty Crew Heads to Sundance

CONEY ISLAND— Above is a photo of the now gutted Coney Island standby Cha Cha's, which will not be sticking around like Ruby's and Paul's Daughter for the 2012 season. [EaterWire]

SUNDANCE—Zak Pelaccio's Fatty Crew is going to Sundance. They'll be providing the first ever meal delivery service at the festival, offering food and drinks late night. [EaterWire]

FOODIES WITH NON-FOODIES—Stories about "foodies" married to/dating non-"foodies" is an old trope, but always amusing. Case in point, the WSJ's stab at it includes one person, a "co-owner of a company that manages several websites for women," who admits that they eat "like a child." That means: mostly chicken and pasta, no Indian food, no fish, and no fajitas ("she hates the way they smell"). Also: "When they try a new place, they call ahead to make sure roast chicken is on the menu." [WSJ via Eater National]

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