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The Mess That Is Travertine And XIX

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When we last left Travertine and its basement lounge XIX, it had just gone through a Twittery breakup with Ruben Rivera who had been running the club while the restaurant tried to recover from its original owner's mess. A few days later and the knives are out, with anonymous accusations flying that Rivera had been cut off by the bar's liquor suppliers because of unpaid bills and that he was forced out by the new owners of the space. Rivera has now taken his party to W.I.P. and the new investors have apparently brought in nightlife veterans Mark Baker and Artan Gjoni, with Baker telling Steve Lewis that they are going to redo everything with the hopes of finally making the space profitable. A strange move in that every place Baker has touched in the past five years has tanked. Even stranger is what happened yesterday.

Baker checked back in with Lewis to say that he is no longer involved with the relaunch either, saying that they were in the middle of drawing up a management agreement last week when Ruben decided he no longer wanted to be involved and quit, taking all of the promoters with him. Baker decided that he didn't want to be involved either and up and left, apparently leaving the soon to relaunch space without the creative geniuses who were supposed to make it sizzle again.

Meanwhile, it's amazing that the venues that were supposed to help make this once sleepy stretch of Kenmare become Manhattan's next hot block have all failed, something that must make the NIMBYs who have fought long and hard to keep them out very happy.
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