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Jimmy At the James Drops Auto Gratuity Policy

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Jimmy at the James Hotel is a mostly well received hotel roof bar offering great views, good drinks, and a great place to throw an event or get together. But things weren't so great for a recent guest who fell victim to the dreaded auto gratutity that seems to be very common at hotel bars. This guest tells Eater:

I ordered a glass of rose at Jimmy that I thought was $16. I got the bill and left a $2 tip, but when I looked more closely, I realized that they had charged me $19. When I asked why the drink was more expensive, the staff member told me they had included a tip, something that I wasn't aware of when I left the $2. The manager offered to give me the $2 back, and I accepted.
It was nice of them to offer to give the tip back, but it would have been even nicer to not put the customer in the situation to begin with. And you know what? It won't be happening to anyone else at the hotel in the future.

We asked Jimmy partner David Rabin about the policy and he adamantly declared that the auto gratuity policy was recently killed, saying "policy over. The previous general manager did it without telling us. It was a big deal to us," and now there is "no more autograt except if someone asks for bottles," something that Rabin says is very rare. He also adds that "our staff wanted [the auto gratuity] because apparently it's the norm at Dream, Mondrian etc., but we said no more."

Consider that a win for Joe Customer!
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