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Simpson Wong to Open Wong on Cornelia Street This Monday

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Simpson Wong, a chef who made a name for himself at Jefferson, and then later Jefferson Grill (both closed) and Cafe Asean, will open his newest restaurant Wong on Cornelia Street on Monday. He's calling the cuisine here "Asian Locavore," and he'll serve local ingredients, grass-fed beef, and sustainable foods with an Asian flair and a special section of breads and noodles. So expect bonito crudo with seaweed and Japanese rice crackers, pork belly with taro root tater tots, clay pot sepia rice, and lobster egg foo young. Items range from $6 - 16 for small plates, $15 - 18 for noodles, and $19 - 24 for mains.

The restaurant will seat around 40 and is constructed of mostly reclaimed materials. She opens to the public Monday. Pictures of the dishes are all over the Facebook and a full menu rundown is below.


Small Plates
Bonito Crudo 13
Seaweed, Purslane, Mitsuba, Apple, Japanese Rice Crackers

Newport Steak Tataki 15
Rau Ram, Pho, Bone Marrow Brioche, Amagansett Salt

Eggplant, Beets and Carrots 9
Chocolate, Paneer, Garlic Chives Vinaigrette

Wood-Grilled Corn 6
Duck Fat, Chicharones, Shrimp Floss

Scallops 16
Crispy Duck Tongue, Cucumber, Jellyfish

Hakka Pork Belly 12
Hakurei Turnip, Taro Root Tater Tots, Greens

Montauk Squid 12
Tomatoes, Snake Bean, Bell Pepper, Basil

Shrimp Fritters 11
Ham, Rice Noodles, Watermelon, Sunflower Sprout

Monkfish Liver 14
Marcona Almonds, Coconut Vinegar, Mizuna

Mackerel Sashimi 12
Flounder Roe, Nectarine, Yogurt, Popcorn

Rice, Noodles and Flat Bread
Vietnamese Pizza 15
Isan Sausage, Fennel, Stinging Nettle

Clay Pot Sepia Rice 17
Crispy Tentacles, Squid Stuffed Peppers

Rice Noodles 18
Pork and Sea Cucumber Ragu, Egg, Chestnut

Pizza 15
Roast Duck, Longan, Green Curry, Cauliflower, Basil

Somen 14
Ginseng Pepper Broth, Pork Balls, Hon Shimejii Mushroom

Handkerchief Egg Noodles 16
Oxtail, Garden Snails, Lovage

Cha Ca La Vong For 2 36
Hake, Fresh Turmeric, Dill, Rice Noodles, Shiso

Lobster Egg Foo Young 24
Leeks, Salty Egg Yolk, Dried Shrimp, Tomato

BBQ Chicken 19
Puntarella, Frisee Salad

Chinese Style Pork Chop 23
Asian Pear, Endives, Macadamia

Sweet Potatoes Greens Coconut Sambal 7

Fried Rice Salted Egg Yolk, Scallions 9

Creamed Corn Cilantro 6


Duck a la Plum
Roast Duck Ice Cream, Star Anise-Poached Plums, Crispy Sugar Tuile, Five-Spice Cookie

Local Berry Shortcake
Brown Butter Cake, Blueberry Compote, Whipped Sour Cream

"Black Forest" Torte
Black Sesame Cake, Cinnamon-Roasted Cherries, Kirsch Crème Fraiche

Chocolate Snowball
Blackout Cake, Chocolate Pudding, Italian Meringue

Soy Flower
Fresh Silken Tofu Custard, Hibiscus Syrup

Most of our fish, meats and produce come from local farms and ranches that practice ecologically sound agriculture
Consuming raw and undercooked foods may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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7 Cornelia St., New York, NY