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After Years of Hoping, Zagat Sells Out to Google

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Back in January 2008, Tim and Nina Zagat put their little red Zagat restaurant survey company on the market for a whopping $200 million. No one bought the thing, mainly, well, because it's $200 million, and they decided to focus on 'organic growth,' which they've attempted with some expanded online offerings. Today, over three years later, Tim and Nina finally get to cash in.

The couple announces today that they've been acquired by Google (for an undisclosed sum), promising to "be active as co-chairs" and adding that they're excited to "start today as official 'Googlers.'" For their part, the Google folks are excited that "Zagat will be a cornerstone of our local offering." Google tried to go increase their location/review fire power by acquiring Yelp back in 2009. Guess this is the next best thing.

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