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New York Fashion Week Nightlife Preview Extravaganza!

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Labor Day weekend is over and that means New York Fashion Week is here, and as everyone knows, it's not just about the clothes. It's also about the fabulous parties where everyone talks about the clothes. Or is supposed to talk about them. No matter, to make sure you are in the know, Eater presents the New York Fashion Week Nightlife Preview Extravaganza, and stay tuned for news all week and our much anticipated winners and losers next week.

1. TOP OF THE STANDARD— Andre Balazs's Standard Hotel is always ground zero for New York Fashion Week and this one will be no different. The TOTS (ne Boom Boom Room) re-opened last year after a summer hiatus with a Kanye West performance and will once again play host to the Fendi O’ music series that will feature performances by Lykke Li and James Murphy, as well as the Purple party and probably a few others. Throw Le Bain into the mix with this one for events that take over the entire 18th Floor and what you have is the #1 place for Fashion Week nightlife.

2. THE ELECTRIC ROOM— Nur Khan will be showing off his new room in the basement of the Dream Downtown at this Strategic Group run space. Expect some intimate and wild gatherings during the debut of the space and several mentions in various gossip columns. It also gets major points for being the only truly new space that is opening in time for Fashion Week, always crucial when trying to make a splash.

3. WESTWAY— Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte's new West Village club may have been one of the big losers during New York Fashion Week in February, but the club has been up and running all summer long and is ready to claim itself as the hottest club operating below Houston. Expect some smaller but important fashion world players to throw their events here.

4. Ph-D— That other rooftop nightclub near the MePa opened big in the spring and has put together some very good summer nights. Expect the Strategic Tao group to show off their new club with a mix of Fashion Week events and late nights while Nur Khan holds court in the Electric Room below.

5. HOTEL AMERICANO— There are no Fashion Week events scheduled at the new hotel that is trying to make W. 27th Street a destination once again, but New York's newest boutique hotel is poised to become a place to be during the week as a yin to the Standard's yang. Or is it the other way? No matter, expect this place to be hopping over the next week as visitors enjoy the food and beverage spaces that soft opened over the summer.

6. THE DARBY— The Butter group's supper club may not be the newest game in town this year, but it does have the ability to attract boldfaced names to come by and jump on stage to wow the crowd, and the place also has its new basement lounge fully up and running, something that wasn't available the past two Fashion Weeks.

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Boom Boom Room

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