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Dale DeGroff Show at Cornelia Street; All-Clad Food Truck

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WEST VILLAGEEsteemed mixologist Dale DeGroff is going to be starring in his own live show at the Cornelia Street Cafe called “On the Town With Dale DeGroff: A Salute to Saloons, Neighborhood Bars and Legendary Cocktail Palaces." Dale will sing and talk about the history of cocktails. [NYT]

UPPER EAST SIDEGrub Street learns that the owners of Geisha are moving that restaurant into the Manana space down the street, which they also own. Their other establishment Serafina will move into the old Geisha space, and it will stay open during the duration of the move. [GS]

FOOD TRUCKS — All-Clad is launching a food truck this month that will feature a number of chef cooking on board, including: Scott Conant, James Kent, Gavin Kaysen, Marc Murphy, Daniel Holzman, and Michael Anthony. The first stop will be in front of The Bloomingdales on 59th Street with Scott Conant on September 9. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for more info. [EaterWire]

DUMBO — On Saturday, September 17, City Harvest is holding a fundraising event called The Brooklyn Local, which will feature over 75 vendors and artisans. There will also be a private tasting tent event hosted by Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo. Tickets are $5 to enter the market, and all access passes (which include the tasting tent) are $60. The event is being held at the Tobacco Warehouse in Dumbo. Check the event's site for tickets and more info. [EaterWire]

VIDEO INTERLUDE In the most recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David tells his psychologist about a traumatic incident involving his much younger self, strip poker, and the inside of a Mr. Softee soft-serve ice cream truck. To this day, every time he hears the catchy jingle, he freezes in his tracks, leading to a flubbed baseball game and himself being called "Mr. Softee" by a paramour. Eater National has the video. [Eater National]

[photo: Serafina]


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