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Zak Pelaccio's Fatty 'Cue West Village, Opening Tonight

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[Krieger, 09/06/11]

After serving a few quiet dinners last week, Zak Pelaccio's second location of Fatty 'Cue officially makes its grand debut tonight at 50 Carmine Street in the West Village. The old Cabrito space has been redone with darker tones, plenty of booth and banquette seating, and a table for large parties in the back, near the kitchen. The menu features several of the Malaysian-inspired barbecue dishes found at the original Brooklyn outpost, plus a few new items like a buttermilk fried half rabbit and a Trippa “Malaysiana” with smoked tomato curry. They're currently open from 5 PM - 12 AM, Tuesday - Sunday. The menu is below.

Daily Selection of Oysters | 1/2 dz or dz, smoked tomato water mignonette | 18/33
Fluke Crudo | lady jayne’s bay vinegar, smoked seaweed | 14
Caviar & Corn | smoked corn cream, corn salad, chili | 18
Ham, Jam, Butter & Bread | edward’s ham, warm pretzel bread, cincalok | 13
Chilies & Cheese | salted chilies, house made buffalo milk cheese, soft roll | 9

Shaved Raw Vegetables | dill, crème fraîche roasted garlic-chili dip | 12
Kale Salad | “caesar”, cincalok, green peppercorn dressing | 11
Spicy Greens | yuzu, watercress seed, tumbleweed farm’s cheese sauce | 12
Late Summer Tomato | cubeb pepper, fresh coriander, charcoal, olive oil | 11
Steamed & Crushed New Potatoes | smoky-sweet corn, green chili curry | 13

Isaan-Style Duck Laab | fazio farms duck, sawtooth coriander, lettuce leaves | 22
Poached Chicken & Smoked Eggplant | hyssop, sesame, pickled jalapeño | 15
Broiled Sardines | olive nam prik, husk cherries, almonds | 17
Bacon & Clams | manila clams, house smoked bacon, fresh curry leaf | 21

Trippa “Malaysiana” | smoked tomato curry, crusty bread | 15
Smoked Lamb Shoulder | house made pita, spiced goat yogurt | 21
Smoked Goat Ragu | buttermilk pappardelle, capra sarda, roasted pepper, chilies | 24
Smoked Brandt Beef Brisket | clothbound cheddar, blistered chilies, roasted onion, shiso, cider vinegar, soft rolls | 26
Heritage Pork Ribs | indonesian long pepper, fish sauce, palm sugar | 12
1/2 Pound Deep-Fried Bacon | ‘Cue coriander bacon, sweet & spicy salsa verde | 18

Buttermilk Fried 1/2 Rabbit | cincalok marinade, green chili-lemon shaker | 38
Roasted Whole Turbot | sea urchin emulsion | 48

Fatty 'Cue
50 Carmine Street, West Village

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Fatty Cue

50 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014 212 929 5050

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