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Finally, a Look at Brooklyn Fare's 25 Course Menu

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Either Brooklyn Fare chef Cesar Ramirez was feeling magnanimous during a recent dinner and gave a Danish blogger that night's set list, or this guy broke one of the restaurant's oft-publicized rules that forbids note taking. A reader points us to the blog LES Living where the author, after having a fine meal at Brooklyn Fare, wrote up his experience (all in Danish but Google Translate does a fine job with it) and included a list of everything served that night, along with a picture of notes. Please recall that writer Josh Stein had an uncomfortable run in with the chef when he was caught taking notes, as the chef assumed he would steal all of his recipes.

So, for whatever it's worth, this may be the first public record of a full menu at the restaurant, which has earned two stars from Michelin and three from the New York Times. Here's what they had:

Small Dishes:

· Soup Shiitake mushrooms
· Fluke/Flounder
· Madai
· Oyster (taken out of the shell and put in a pickle by including lemon)
· Yuba/Tofu skin
· Squid
· Suzuki sea bass
· Kanpachi/Greater Amber Jack
· Shima-Aji
· Sea urchins
· Sardines served on a potato chip
· Crab
· Langostine
· Octopus
· Cod
· Sturgeon/ Caviar
· Foie gras (including soup with small pieces of foie gras)

Slightly Larger Dishes:
· Scallop
· Turbot
· Rouget
· Lobster (served with veal ravioli and foie gras)
· Wagyu Beef served with a truffle sauce
· Andante Dairy's Cheese
· Sorbet of fromage frais served with strawberries and gold
· Dessert

· Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare [LES Living]
· All Coverage of Brooklyn Fare [~ENY~]
Note: we removed the photo of the menu per the request of the LES Living, who just took it off their site.
[Photo: Brooklyn Paper]

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

200 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn NY