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A Look at the Menu at Mas (La Grillade), Opening Sat.

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This Saturday Mas (La Grillade) the new sister restaurant the the homey West Village spot Mas (Farmhouse), will open to the public. Here chef Galen Zamarra will focus on grilling, a tactic that seems to be working over in Williamsburg at St. Anselm. He'll be upping the precious locavore ante by using locally sourced hardwood in his bank of 4,000 pound grills and fire pits and will prepare all of his menu items by either grilling, steaming, or smoking them. It even translates to desserts, where they'll serve grilled pears, whole baked apples, charred plums, and grilled figs.

So, yes, he's apparently pretty committed. According to a release, they believe "Chef Zamarra will elevate wood grilling to a culinary art by using fire and smoke." See the full menu below.


House Smoked and Spiced Organic Pecans

Wild American Hackleback Caviar

Whole Pit Roasted Rocambole Garlic

Grilled Tartines:
smoked tomato and ricotta
eggplant caviar
grilled figs and goat cheese

Grilled Whole Portuguese Sardines

House Cured and Smoked Duck Breast salad of grilled peaches, pickled shallots and mizuna

Seared Rare Tuna Nicoise Style with Marinated Anchovies

Charred Corn Soup, with Hen of the Woods Mushrooms shishito peppers, lovage oil and lemon thyme

Wood Fired Oysters, Shiso Butter

Vegetables Baked in the Coals
baby beets, eggplant, radicchio, peppers marinated with extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar

Marvesta Farms Shrimp Cooked in the Coals

Whole Spit Roasted Quail

House Made Lamb Merquez Sausage (for two)

Charred Artichokes and Lobster Mushrooms
with hazelnut mayonnaise

Main Entrees:

Wild Striped Bass Wrapped in Zucchini, alphonso olive dressing, grilled onion leaves

Wild Alaskan King Salmon Smoked over Apricot Wood

Spit Roasted Whole Hudson Valley Squab

Smoke Roasted Half Violet Hill Farm Chicken

Pit Roasted Bodhitree Farm Acorn Squash
stuffed with pumpkin seeds, mustard greens, hen of the woods and celery root

Padgett Farms Grass- Fed Aged Beef

Grilled Flying Pigs Farm Pork Loin

Wood-Fired Cassoulet (for two)
White beans stewed with duck confit, smoked sausage and bacon

Corn on the Cob
Potato Baked in the Coals
Hen of the Woods Mushrooms
Brussels Sprouts a la chapa with lamb bacon
Smoked Potato Puree
Baby Fennel and Pears
Spaghetti Squash, chili flakes, thyme and maple


Grilled Figs Marinated with Lemon Balm
chocolate financier, ricotta ice cream

Charred Plums Macerated with Hibiscus
brown sugar tuile, ice cream

Whole Baked Winsap Apple (for two)
stuffed with walnuts & figs, smoked cinnamon ice cream

Grilled Pear Tart Tatine with Smoked Ice Cream

Selection of Local Cheeses
With house made accoutrements


House Made Ice Cream and Sorbets

Grillade Fruit Plate

Charred Peach Dressed with Vanilla, Creme Chantilly

Mas (La Grillade)

28 7th Ave. South, New York, NY