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The Dutch Launches Multi-Course Dinners in PDR

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According to their site, The Dutch is on the verge of launching Fresh Eggs, a series of multi-course dinners in their downstairs private dining room, which was once rumored to become a speakeasy-like bar and is now called PS 131. Details are scarce at the moment, but Carmellini advises fans to write to to get updates and find out how to book tables, and Grub Street reports that possibilities for diners include "an eight-course tribute to Jean-Louis Palladin," or "Andrew Carmellini and Hugue Dufour flambéing table side in tuxedo t-shirts." So, pretty fun. Stay tuned for more details on dinners and pricing as they move forward. Reps say pricing will change from dinner to dinner and that this dish is one example of the type of dishes that could land on a Fresh Eggs menu.

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The Dutch

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