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An Excellent Shill for Full Circle and its 'Rawesome' Bar

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Please now prepare for one of the greatest Adventures in Shilling emails Eater has received in some time. It comes from someone who, through some quick Google searching, seems loosely affiliated with Brooklyn Bar Full Circle:

I hope you guys are well and excited for a glorious autumn in New York.

I felt compelled to email you about a recent night out, I can't stop thinking about it.

Last Monday I went to eat unlimited oysters at a bar in Brooklyn and was blown away by what they did. The bar is called Full Circle, it's in Williamsburg, they have a bunch of Skee-Ball lanes and canned beer. I had never been, but they had an all-you-can-eat oyster night and also all-you-can-drink pilsner. Island Creek Oysters and beer from Oskar Blues, not too shabby, I had to check this out!

I'm an oyster freak, I've been to most oyster bars in the city and many that have recently opened in Brooklyn. While this place was by no means an oyster bar (more like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults), they had by far the most inventive and fun oyster presentation I have ever seen.

They turned a Skee-Ball lane into a raw bar! What? I think I just stared at it for about five minutes before grabbing my first oyster, I could not believe how cool this oyster bar was. They actually have a name for it, they called it the "Rawesome Bar". Perfect!

They had a guy shucking all night long, oyster after oyster kept on filling up the Rawesome Bar. They covered two of the rings on the board with crushed ice and then poured house-made mignonettes into the other "point-pockets". I've always enjoyed Skee-Ball and like I said, I'm an oyster freak, so this was heaven!

They posted some videos and photos of the Rawesome Bar, which I had to share with you guys. This was the first event of its kind, but one of the owners said that they intend on doing at least one Rawesome Bar event a month. They said they will definitely do another oyster night, but he plans on using this "Skee-Ball Buffet" for all types of cuisine. I can't wait to see what they do next, although I vote for more oysters again. I'm selfish for shell fish!

Check out the picture of the Rawesome Bar attached. They also have a cool video of the oyster bar being prepared, makes me salivate every time. Ha.

Rawesome Bar Video

Here is the actual event site:

The bar is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I took the subway to Bedford, it's like an 8 minute walk from there. I will certainly make the trip back to Full Circle Bar, waiting for the next Rawesome event to be listed.

Oh yeah, they also had Simon and Garfunkel's Concert in Central Park playing on all the TV's. I had no idea, but it was apparently the 30th anniversary of that concert on the same night. I hadn't seen that show in many years, it added to the rawesome vibe for sure.

Anyway, thanks guys and eat well.

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Full Circle Bar

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