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'Frivolous' Lawsuits Drive Joe Bastianich Out of New York

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In an article about how class action restaurant worker lawsuits are just destroying the very fabric of the restaurant industry, Joe Bastianich tells the Post that he will not be opening any more New York operations due to "those frivolous lawsuits" (of which he's been hit twice):

We opened Eataly and put 700 jobs in the New York economy. Since then we haven’t opened another restaurant in New York, nor will we. We opened three other restaurants, in California and Connecticut, worth 1,000 jobs that could have been here in New York.
He also complains that the busboys, waiters, and other tipped employees pursuing these suits already make "70, 80, $100,000 a year." So therefore they shouldn't try to get their proper tips or overtime pay? The Post adds that "predatory" lawyers go so far as to advertise in ethnic newspapers (how dare they!) and go after restaurateurs who simply fail to keep proper time sheets.

They also note that Chris Cannon finally settled that lawsuit, that some think may have marked the beginning to the end of Alto and Convivio. He paid out $300,000. Not bad considering Keith McNally settled a suit for $1.48 million, Laurent Tourondel for $925,000, Milos for $1,975,000, and the '21' Club for $2 million.
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