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Restaurateur Names Wine Bar After Freak Out Incident

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Back in 2009, a friend of Eater sent in a letter to the Complaints Dept. about Carroll Gardens French restaurant Le Petite Crevette. After they sent back what our reader says was a too raw lobster in a ciopino dish and then asked for the check when it came back still undercooked, the chef and owner Neil Ganic came running out of the kitchen with a live lobster and threw it on the table, yelling "You think my fish is not fresh? Look how fresh this is!" The story made the rounds, and Ganic made it into the Chef Freakout Hall of Fame.

Fast forward two years later and Ganic has opened a new wine bar right next door to his restaurant, serving a small list of wines, focusing on small European producers. What did he name it? The Flying Lobster.
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The Flying Lobster

Hicks and Union Streets, Brooklyn, NY