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Heathers In Danger Of Going Out Of Business

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East Village bar Heathers is in danger of losing their liquor license because of a long running dispute with its neighbors about noise. As mentioned last week, Community Board 3's license committee rejected their application for a license renewal, and now Heathers is at the mercy of the SLA, which votes on its application on October 1. Rather than silently await their fate, Heathers is doing its best to turn public opinion in their favor by sending out a press release to plead their case. Owner Heather Millstone blames it all on the smoking law, saying that her customers have to go outside to smoke and despite their best efforts, sometimes these smokers make noise that drives her neighbors crazy. Millstone also says she has made extensive alterations to try to reduce sound from the bar that bothered the neighbors and tries to make herself available at all hours to respond to their complaints. Will the PR campaign work? We'll have to wait until the end of the week to know for certain.
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