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A Look at Romera and its Bonkers Menu Cards

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As noted yesterday, Romera, the highly anticipated restaurant from acclaimed Spanish chef Dr. Miguel Sánchez Romera, opened last night in the Dream Hotel serving one seating per night of an 11 course $245 a head meal. Reps for the restaurant wouldn't release a full menu, but a diner who attended a preview was kind enough to send along 10 of the menu cards that come before each dish, and wowee is this something.

First of all, yes, there are menu cards that precede each dish. Second, dishes have names like Euterpes and Policromi. Third, dishes have descriptions that span multiple paragraphs and are paired with one of the chef's signature gourmet waters. One reader is already calling the meal "one of the finest culinary experiences you will have anywhere," while another says the pretentiousness is off the charts. Take a look at the restaurant above and at the curious menu cards below.


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