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Star Chefs on Board for Madison Square Garden Revamp

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When Madison Square Garden reopens this fall, it will boast more than just a new look. It will also offer food offerings from some of the best chefs and restaurants in town, the Times reports, rivaling what's offered at Yankees Stadium (Parm) and Citi Field (Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, etc.). Those offerings include:

· Sausage Boss by Andrew Carmellini
· Simply Chicken by Jean-Georges Vongerichten
· Daily Burger by Drew Nieporent
· Lobster and Shrimp Roll by Aquagrill's Jeremy Marshall
· pastrami, corned beef and knishes from the Carnegie Deli
· chopped brisket and prime rib sandwiches from Hill Country
· desserts from Magnolia Bakery
· Kosher options from Carlos & Gabby’s
And instead of just one stand per each chef, there will be multiple versions of each concession, including six for JGV and five for Carmellini, to prevent long lines.

Vongerichten—who will also serve some of his greatest hits at the upscale suites—says his chicken is inspired by a recent first ever sampling of a Wendy's chicken sandwich ("I’d never had it; it was delicious, and it opened up something in my head") but will be made with organic chicken and Asian chile sauce. For his part, Carms will sell brats braised in Belgian beer.

The stadium reopens on October 22 and the concessions will begin opening in November.
· At Madison Square Garden, it’s Hey, Getcher Lobster Roll [NYT]
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