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Romera and its $245 Menu Launch Tonight in the Dream Hotel

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After a series of friends and family dinners, Romera, the ballsy new Spanish restaurant in the Dream Hotel, will open to the public tonight with one 8:30 PM seating. The is the new staging ground for Dr. Miguel Sánchez Romera, an Argentinian chef and former neurosurgeon who won two Michelin stars at his now shuttered Barcelona restaurant L'Esguard. Every night, during one seating (more to come), he will serve an 11 course $245 menu from his "neurogastronomy" arsenal, with each dish paired with "ingredient-driven waters." Because New Yorkers can't resist the novelty and are incredibly curious to see what this guy has up his sleeves, tables are not so easy to come by at this point. But will it pass muster in the long run? There's less room for forgiveness when one starts off with those prices, and some readers who went to the soft opening are already writing in to Eater with some gripes.

No matter. Chef Romera and his backers at the Dream Hotel don't sound worried. Hotel owner Vikram Chatwell is already planning outposts in London and Mumbai, where Romera will decamp to after a year and a half in New York, and a farm "in which we'll raise animals with a special diet, as well as an agricultural center." Here in New York, the chef has a rooftop space has been dedicated to his "mini-vegetables, edible flowers, and aromatic herbs." Readers who go tonight, send all early reports this way.

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