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Andre Balazs Gets Green Light for Cooper Square Hotel

Dressed (slightly) down for the rec room at 200 E. 5th St. in black slacks and a white button down, hotelier Andre Balazs asked the members of Community Board 3 to transfer over The Cooper Square Hotel's existing liquor licenses to The Standard Hotels last night, thus confirming earlier reports that 25 Cooper Square will become a part of his celeb-friendly hotel dynasty.

Just to get everyone on board, many community representatives (possibly planted?) such as Paper magazine founder David Hershkovits spoke positively of Mr. Balazs' hotel management capabilities. "We do not have the option to not have nightlife in this neighborhood," said one erudite speaker. "We have the option to choose between badly managed nightlife or well managed nightlife, and I firmly believe having an upscale, well-managed establishment will be an improvement to this neighborhood." The board's main question for Andre? What will happen to current restaurant and bar, The Trilby?

Balazs said they would keep the operation, but "change the culinary experience." Here's to hoping that the "experience" doesn't involve waitresses in uniforms better suited for the dance floors of the Meatpacking District. But that didn't seem to be a concern for the board as they voted unanimously in his favor. And with that, three quarters of the meeting's attendees exited the building, several well-heeled members going up to Andre to congratulate him.

Other news:

The operator of East 2nd Street's Supper appeared to request an outdoor seating area for his forthcoming LES restaurant Sauce at 78 Rivington, which he received. The real announcement? He plans to sell pasta dishes for $9-$11. And the wait for a table will last two days, yes?

Diablo Royal asked for upgrades involving a bathroom location change and additional seating and was met with a handful of angry neighbors waving signs that read "North Avenue A says NO MORE" complaining about noise, violence, and underage drinking among other things. The board decided to pass along the decision to a different committee as the establishment has pending violations [or at least accused violations and lots of complaints; apparently 41 complaints to 311 by one single tenant!] to be dealt with.

Heather's was denied its liquor license renewal due to angry neighbors after six years in business.

Wechsler's was approved for 12 extra seats and an additional 75 square feet.
—Jetty-Jane Connor
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The Trilby

25 Cooper Sq., New York, NY