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A Look at Ciano's Pasta Tasting; Can Wine TV Succeed?

EAST VILLAGE — While they wait for their new location to open, The Bean has set up a food truck right outside their old store. Owner Guy Puglia says, “We’re not doing this to make money...We’re getting killed.” The idea of the truck is to remind their customers that they're still a functioning coffee shop. [The Local EV]

FINANCIAL DISTRICTIn a new video for Zagat, Shaun Hergatt makes a gourmet meal out of Lunchables. [Zagat]

THE FLATIRON Serious Eats checks out the new $79 six course pasta tasting at Shea Gallante's Ciano. There's plenty of pasta porn ahead. [SE]

VINTAGE AMERICADecanted columnist Talia Baiocchi looks at two new wine shows: Vine Talk and The Three Thieves. She notes: "While there are positive things about both shows, each lacks one or both aspects of wine that are visually provocative: the place it comes from and the people that make it." [Eater National]


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