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Bagel Store, BBQue's Smoke Shack, Burnside Coming Soon

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Grandma's Kitchen
Grandma's Kitchen

1) Greenpoint: Roving photographer Will Femia in Flickr spots a few Greenpoint newcomers, including Grandma's Kitchen, where meals start at $3.75, and a new bakery coming to Nassau and Driggs. [PLYWOOD]

2) Williamsburg: According to permits, a new location of The Bagel Store (a staple on both Bedford and Metropolitan Aves.) will open eventually a South 4th St and Bedford Avenue. [PLYWOOD]

3) Upper West Side: My Upper West gets some shots of the new Momofuku Milk Bar opening on 561 Columbus at 87th Street on the Upper West Side. Looks like they're building new windows and are hustling for that September openings. [PLYWOOD]

4) Williamsburg: A new bar called Burnside is opening in mid-September on Grand Street off of Union in Williamsburg. The owners are from the Midwest and will have Midwest food and beer, according to a tipster. [PLYWOOD]

5) West Village: Reps for AYZA report that they'll open a new location of their chocolate and wine bar in the West Village at One South 7th Ave between Carmine and Leroy Streets. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

6) Flatiron: A new restaurant called BBQue's Smoke Shack is going in on 6th Ave. between 20th and 21st Street. Writes a tipster, "Know anything about it? Sign does NOT look great!" [PLYWOOD]

7) East Village: EV Grieve notices a new pizzeria called Krust Pizza is opening in the old Pizza Place on 14th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. [PLYWOOD]

8) Upper West Side: My Upper West learns that the new uptown location of Island Burgers and Shakes will open on September 7 at 422 Amsterdam Avenue between 80th and 81st Streets. Lunch will launch the following Thursday, September 15. [POST-PLYWOOD]

Momofuku Milk Bar

251 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003